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Today’s students expect visually stunning websites and apps, personalized experiences, and content that’s accessible anywhere, anytime. Yet when it comes to eLearning experiences, most content is flat, static, and boring, and not a very good user experience on mobile devices.

Mirum Learning believes it’s time to elevate eLearning experiences to meet today’s students expectations. Great eLearning content not only provides a competitive advantage for educational institutions; it is also statistically proven to increase student retention, satisfaction, and cognitive gain.



    Mirum Learning leverages the world-class Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver stunning eLearning content offline to mobile devices as well as online on the web, so that whether students are connected to Wi-Fi or not, their learning content experience stays fast, crisp, and dynamic.

  • LMS

    Our solution integrates with your LMS, rather than replacing it, so your investment is sound. We let the LMS handle the core data, including student management, gradebooks, and course entitlement – and our solution delivers amazing front-end eLearning content. Integrating the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform with LMS solutions such as Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, and Blackboard is just one of Mirum Learning’s areas of expertise.


    Mirum Learning focuses on helping clients achieve the right cost and scale, enabling everyone from online universities to government training organizations to create, manage, deliver and measure eLearning content efficiently. We leverage our global creative and instructional design resources to build content cost-effectively and in high volume.


    Our analytics and optimization offerings bring you closer to your customers. By using data captured across student touch points, we can help you effectively measure and improve outcomes. Our extensive analytics experience using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Analytics enables us to understand audiences and solve complex problems across digital platforms, resulting in exceptional eLearning experiences for students.


    Mirum Learning is a global strategic partner of Adobe, with expertise across the entire Adobe Experience Cloud. Mirum is the first global digital agency that has formalized a global practice around eLearning and education with Adobe Platforms. We leverage our expertise in products such as Adeobe Experience Manager (AEM), AEM Communities for Social Learning, Adobe Analytics, AEM Mobile, and Adobe Target to create world-class eLearning solutions that are integrated with a client’s LMS or, in certain cases, replace LMS investments. We leverage world-class Adobe technology to manage, deliver, and measure course apps with a process that’s highly efficient, scalable, and manageable.


Mirum Learning brings together three key elements

  • Learning Architecture
    & Instructional
    Design Services

    Mirum Learning offers scalable, cost-effective Learning Architecture Services and Instructional Design Services that work with your internal Subject Matter Experts. We leverage your existing course content or produce new course content and create visually stunning, interactive digital eLearning experiences. We’re a global digital agency, part of J. Walter Thompson and WPP, and we offer these services world wide at price points that make sense.

  • Award-Winning
    Creative Design

    Mirum Learning produces award-winning creative content. As a global digital marketing agency, we leverage our expertise to produce amazing course content, creative design, interactivity, animations, simulations, 3D/CGI, and augmented and virtual reality. We are committed to offering agency-level design services that deliver visually stunning and impactful course content that takes your eLearning experience to a whole new level of innovation and interaction.

  • Adobe Technology

    Mirum Learning deploys the Adobe Experience Cloud to help Higher Education, Corporate and Government clients deliver powerful eLearning and Digital Marketing experiences. We simplify the complex integrations that support our clients’ strategic goals with Adobe’s world-class solutions for eLearning, website management, mobile solutions and advanced analytics.


Our solution delivers tremendous value to eLearning institution and to the
students and we'll prove it by following this logical methodology

  • Free Initial Consulting & Proof of Concept Course App

  • 1 or 2 Course Pilot Program With Data Capture & Analytics

  • ROI Modeling to Justify investment

  • Customized Pricing Options for a multi-course program rollout


Pricing for our eLearning solutions varies by individual case. Mirum Learning is committed to working with our clients on a flexible, scalable pricing model that best suits their business needs. Mirum Learning offers free up-front consulting to help clients scope the best solution.

This is the recommended model for large intuitions that are looking to deploy hundreds of courses. We help you identify and license the appropriate Adobe solution; we help you integrate the solution with your LMS; Mirum Learning can provide additional services as needed to help you design and build courses and manage the overall program.

Mirum Learning will design, build, deploy and manage the entire solution for you; you pay a pre-defined fee per student and course based on a multi-year agreement. In some cases, Mirum Learning can resell your courses and content for you under an exclusivity agreement and pay your institution. With WPP’s over 200k employees and its access to a client list that includes 60% of the world’s largest companies, Mirum Learning is uniquely positioned to resell your content to generate revenue for your organization.

Well install and manage all the software, convert your course content and manage the program for a flat annual fee based on a multi-year agreement




  • Adobe
  • OLC
  • J. Walter Thompson
  • NMC


Lorenzo Vallone

Lorenzo Vallone

Lorenzo Vallone has over 20 years of technology, marketing and business development experience.

Lorenzo manages the design, development, and deployment of interactive mobile design solutions, digital marketing solutions, and advanced marketing technology implementations.


Douglas Fajardo

Douglas Fajardo

Douglas Fajardo has over 20 years of experience leading a wide range of creative, digital, and mobile projects.

He began his career with IBM and quickly grew to be a highly respected creative expert working with organizations including HP, Sony, Microsoft, Advanced Micro Devices, Apple, GM, UHG, and Royal Caribbean.


Dr. Phil Ice

Dr. Phil Ice

With decades of experience in eLearning, heading numerous large-scale initiatives in the public and private sectors, as well as foundation-funded initiatives.

Dr. Phil Ice has been recognized nationally and internationally by organizations such as Online Learning Consortium, DLA, USDLA, Adobe Education Leaders, IBM, and the NMC.

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