Mirum Learning


By combining state of the art software, a long history of expertise in digital design, and best principles of learning science, we have brought the power of creativity to the art of learning to create a highly engaging ecosystem that can be accessed across all device classes, anytime, anywhere.

Mirum can help you create an effective learning strategy that relies on well tested principles of learning architecture & instructional design and based on guidance from our eLearning experts.

Mirum can help your organization design and produce interactive, mobile course apps that engage your students and drive higher cognitive, retention and satisfaction metrics.

Would you rather lease existing course apps? no problem Mirum can facilitate Content Licensing models based on per student, per course pricing.

Mirum can help you integrate Adobe Software into your learning environment.

We integrate Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe AEM Mobile and Adobe Analytics with your LMS and SIS and customize the solution to your specific educational objectives.

Leveraging world-class Adobe Analytics we can help you effectively measure learning outcomes and track completion of courses across all channels.

Mirum can help you create and maintain a robust learning program that will drive long term success for your organization.

Our formula for success: CS + LS = CSR2

Creative Services (CS) + Learning Science (LS)

Mirum Learning combines visionary creative services with best practices in the learning sciences to optimize the academic experience for students and faculty alike. We start with best practices in instructional design, educational psychology, and learning architecture, then infuse the learning environment with rich, dynamic media to create and environment in which students are eager to engage with content - whenever, wherever, they desire. From traditional desktop access to fully mobile interactions, our technologies are infused with robust analytics layers that help track and predict learning outcomes at a granular level.

  • Cognitive Outcomes (C)

    Leverage multi-media learning theory to optimally integrate rich interactions that have been strongly correlated with significant increases in learning.

  • Satisfaction (S)

    Our state-of-the-art platform transforms the learning from a flat, text heavy experience to a dynamic media environment that improves student satisfaction, motivating learners to engage with the content.

  • Retention (R)

    Enhanced learning outcomes and satisfaction combine to increase student success and retention at all levels.

  • ROI (R)

    Through infrastructure consolidation, creation of inclusive course content, and improved retention, Mirum Learning can help your institution increase your return on investment now and in the future.

The Path

We recognize that transitioning from an antiquated eLearning model to an interactive, mobile, environment is a major investment, and that is why Mirum Learning has developed a straight forward path based on proven ROI.

The path typically begins with a free learning strategy assessment by our learning architects and the creation of a free Proof of Concept (POC). For the POC we typically take a module from one of your courses and our multimedia instructional designers and creatives work together to produce a beautiful, interactive mobile app that you can load on your iPAD and iPhone to showcase to other stakeholders. From there, we move to a Pilot Phase where we integrate Adobe technology with your Learning Management System using our licenses and we implement 1 or 2 full courses. You’ll then be able to run the course app to a full set to students for typically 3 months. Mirum will help you develop measurement models based on scientific analysis principles and help you assess performance of the course apps across multiple criteria. The next step is for Mirum to help you develop an ROI model based on the metrics. Based on the ROI, Mirum will custom tailor a Phased Rollout of the solution using a range of financing options from upfront licensing and services, to content licensing, to per student/course payment models.

Let us help you imagine the future of learning, request a free one-hour consultation with one of our experts